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Common Upper Limb Orthoses

Humeral Fracture Brace (Sarmiento)


Description: A Sarmiento brace is a bivalve brace that encompasses the fractured humerus of the upper arm. It is molded plastic held together by two velcro straps. It is designed to provide correct alignment of the fractured humerus bone, prevent motion of the bone, and protect it from further injury. A strap attached to the upper end of the brace wraps around your body to help support the brace in place. Typically an arm sling is used in conjunction with the brace.

Indications: Fractured humerus

Proper wearing: Wear the soft fracture sock provided by your orthotist under the Sarmiento brace. Place the Sarmiento brace around your arm and snug the two pieces together with the two velcro enclosures. Apply the strap at the top of the brace around your body to support the brace in the correct position.

Wrist Splint

Wrist Splint

Description: A wrist splint is designed to immobilize an injured wrist to promote healing. They come in short and long versions and encompass your forearm and the hand partially. They are secured via an elastic pull strap. You will still be able to use your hand and fingers for functional activities of daily living.

Indications: Carpal tunnel, wrist sprain

Proper wearing: The straps must be loosened before applying the brace. Slip your hand through the brace until the contoured hand piece is in your palm yet still behind the fingers. Pull the elastic strap around your forearm and secure it snug.

Saebo Reach

Description: The saebo reach is a revolutionary new product that helps an individual regain control of their upper extremity. This custom brace extends from the fingers to the upper arm and helps reduce the flexor pattern experienced by individuals suffering from the effect of a stroke. These braces can help regain independence in an individual’s life.

Indications: Stroke

Proper wearing: Place the forearm piece just behind the ulnar head (the bump at your wrist on your pinky side of the hand) and secure the two forearm straps. Attach the hand with the velcro strap and place fingers and thumb into each digit cap. Attached the humeral piece (upper arm) so that is rests just above the epicondyles (the bones on either side of your elbow) secure with the two straps. Slide the tether cords from the upper arm piece to the attachment sites on the lower arm piece.