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Common Feet Orthoses

Corrective Foot Orthosis (FO)

Description: A corrective foot orthosis is designed to be corrective, decrease pain and prevent any deformity of the foot. They are typically made from orthopedic grade cork or poly-propylene with a soft spenco top cover for comfort.

Indications: Plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, collapsed medial longitudinal arch, ligamentous laxity in the foot or ankle

Proper wearing: Corrective foot orthoses are designed to fit in most any shoe. Remove the existing insole and replace with the corrective foot orthosis.

Accommodative Foot Orthosis (FO)

Description: An accommodative foot orthosis is a soft foot orthotic designed to distribute pressure evenly on the foot. They are commonly used in conjunction with diabetic shoes. They are made with a supportive underlining and a soft padding on the surface.

Indications: Neuropathy of the lower extremity

Proper wearing: Accommodative foot orthoses are designed to fit in diabetic shoes. Remove the existing insole and replace with the accommodative foot orthosis.

Diabetic Shoe

Description: A diabetic shoe is designed specifically for those who suffer from diabetes. Diabetic shoes are extra depth so they can accommodate hammer toes and accommodative foot orthoses. A rocker bottom sole is integrated into the shoe to allow for easier walking. A wide range of sizes and style to fit any size foot can be ordered or custom made.

Indications: Diabetic neuropathy

Proper wearing: Diabetic shoes can be worn like any other shoe. As always with any shoe, socks must be worn to provide a soft interface between you and shoe.