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Michael Podrasky

Brandon K. As an Amputee, it's very important to have a prosthestist that is able to provide first class service for the rest of your life, and I have found that at Valley Orthopedic

Where Technology Makes it Possible . . .

At Valley Orthopedic, we are dedicated to providing the most current and mechanically sound devices in orthotic & prosthetic technology. We use our world-wide network of resources to customize the best possible design so that you can continue life and work as you once were.

Once the device has been tailored to fit your personalized needs, we will work with you through the process of adapting to this life-changing event.

Therapy and follow-through will continue for as long as needed, and many of our clients stay as lifelong partners. As new technologies develop over time, we will continue to advance the performance of your device and remain available to you at all times.